Sometimes, we can get really close.  Really close to achieving what we’ve set out to.  We can go far on a journey.  We can travel a long way down a path, first for our own healing and growth, and then for the healing and growth of others.  But do you actually see it to completion?

I had a client tell me this week that before we started working together, five years ago, that the one word that would most characterize his life was “almost”. He was almost happy. He was almost fulfilled. He was almost satisfied with his physical well-being.  He was almost pleased with his career.

Now, his life is not “almost” anymore. It’s taken quite a journey of letting go, of healing, of facing many fears and breaking through the barriers that he thought were in his way. He’s not “almost” anymore. He is living. He is being.

Where in life are you “almost”?

Where have you skirted the edge of what is possible, but haven’t fully jumped in?

Where are you tinkering with things, almost feeling as if you’re there, but knowing that there is so much more for you to give and experience?

I remember what my life was like, nine years ago, when I had a consulting arrangement 4 days a week and only had Fridays to focus on my budding business. I was doing client sessions at night and on the weekends. But thank God for those Fridays each week, when I could actually focus on the activities that were most important. At the time, my life was such that I HAD to have that consulting arrangement for financial reasons. I wasn’t yet making enough money as a coach and practitioner.

But sometimes, if felt as if I was only really living one day a week. I remember what that felt like. At the time, it seemed as if my life was “almost”. I couldn’t wait until I could finally turn the corner with my practice and be able to leave the consulting job. I was able to make it happen, but not without additional information, resources, and support. There are countless book, seminars, and business coaching sessions that I consumed, which once I put into action, ultimately made the difference for me.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned of what it takes to be a successful practitioner in the last 9 years and put it into my upcoming course – Helping Healers Help the World: Create a Thriving Practice.

I tend to walk on the edge of life, rarely taking the safe or middle road. I listen; I take risks; I travel to wherever Spirit calls me to go. And so far, Spirit has provided for me in many beautiful ways.

And yet, there are times, when we’ve gone as far as we can go on our own. When we must open up to divine help, to other resources and information, that Spirit is providing us on our path. Sometimes, it comes from our own inner Source speaking directly to us. Other times, it can be the words that you read from another Source (just like right now). Either way, if you feel a calling, do you act on it?

If you feel that what you’ve been doing is working, but only to a degree, then maybe you could use some additional resources and support to catapult you and your practice to a new level.

Stop being almost and make the choices that will have you fulfill your highest destiny.

May your path be illuminated in front of you.