Sometimes on our paths, things can get a little foggy.  It can be hard to see the next step.  Here in Laguna Beach, we’ve been shrouded in a fog so thick that for the last two days, I haven’t been able to see the house across the street.

So what do we do when we can’t see the way?

One suggestion is to come back to the basics.  Come back to your foundation.  “What, Who, Why?” – That’s what these questions are meant to do.


What are you trying to do?

Who are you trying to do it for?

Why are you the one to do it?

Simple questions.

But can you answer them with clarity?

A couple of years ago, a buddy of mine, Dan Lerner, who’s an amazing coach and organizational consultant, asked those questions of me.  Last week in Utah, I led a course that I created for the Four Winds Society that took the long and winding road to have people be able to answer those questions to get clarity on how to build their own thriving practice.

Here are my answers for the Majestic Path:

What am I trying to do?

Show others how to make a prosperous living doing what they love.  Using a combination of practical business-building information, brand consulting, and also energy work, I help them to be of greatest service to others so that they fulfill their soul’s journey through their life’s work.

Who am I trying to do this for?

People who are embracing their role in the new consciousness.  It’s the healers, coaches, and other holistic practitioners who feel a call to do something greater with their lives by being of service to others.  I love helping these courageous souls who are daring to live life on their own terms.  I love touching others who are meant to touch the world.

Why am I the one to do this?

Because I’ve lived through it:  the fear and the struggle.  By overcoming doubt and creating my own successful practice, I’ve learned so many things that I know can make a difference for others.   I’m here to share what I’ve learned. (Including these 3 questions)

So what about you?  What are your answers?

What are you trying to do?

Who are you trying to do it for?

Why are you the one to do it?

Once you have your answers, it then becomes about your next step.

What’s your next step?

“There is no such thing as time management.  There’s either flow or resistance.” – Dave Buck, CEO of Coachville.

This rings true for me.  Sometimes the immensity of what I’m trying to do just stops me before I can even begin.  I’m either in the flow of my actions or I’m sitting here thinking about things.  And usually, when I’m sitting here thinking, I’m not doing anything.  I’m not making any forward progress.

So I come back to the foundational questions – What, Who, & Why.  Then next step can be made clear.  After that, we simply need to take the step.

If you feel called, I invite you to share your answers below.  You just never know how sharing your answers could be the catalyst for great things.

If you have the willingness to be open, share what you’re trying to do, who you’re doing it for, and why.

May you step with clarity today.