“I never wanted to be a practicing shaman.” 

Like most people, I stepped onto this journey for my own healing. There were things that were “up” in my life and I wanted to go as deep as I could to resolve them.  I certainly did that.  Along the way, I picked up invaluable energetic tools and ways to shift someone’s personal energy and help them to heal from the past.

But I never started with the intent of being a practicing shaman.  Yet here I am now, doing client sessions with people all over the world, helping them to heal past wounds and step forward powerfully in their lives. 

I don’t think I’m alone.  Most likely, you’ve explored the shamanic arts primarily for your own transformational journey.  Now you have all of these powerful tools.  Yet maybe you don’t make use of them for others as often as you’d like.

Creating a thriving practice does not mean you have to see 5 clients a day or open up a retreat center.  A thriving practice is whatever you say it is.  Perhaps it’s simply having an outward presentation and website that matches your inner clarity and healing, so that if people wanted the same, they would know where to find you.

If this is you, it would be of tremendous benefit to experience some of the Create a Thriving Practice course content.

Below is a webinar that explores some of the practical elements to setting up your conscious healing business, however that looks for you, whether it’s just actively seeing one or two clients per week or setting up your own retail establishment for healing, like one of my newest clients.

The Webinar Recording!


This webinar covered the practical nuts and bolts of setting up a client practice.  This business-building information included:
  • How to increase client engagement
  • How to set an appropriate fee structure
  • How to transition pro-bono clients into paying ones
  • Whether to use contracts or not
  • How to handle the first phone conversation with a perspective client so that it naturally leads to setting up the first session
Since you have an integrity to “do the work”, come explore what it takes to do more of it!

To view the webinar, here’s the link: