I had a client tell me yesterday, “I know what I need to do. It’s just so hard getting there.”

For me, “getting there” indicates trying. Trying to do something is really hard.

We’re all familiar with Yoda’s famous words from Star Wars, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Star Wars came out in 1977. This is not a new concept. It’s something that you would think we would have gotten the hang of by now. So why are we still trying to do things?

Because we’re still in our minds.

What’s so tough about trying is that when we try, we have to go through the maze of our mind to get to the answer. It involves us trying to figure something out; trying to do it right; trying to control the outcome of something that we’d like to have happen. I don’t know about you, but it’s super-easy for me to slip into trying to do one of these things.

“Do not try to bend the spoon. That is impossible.” - The Matrix

So if we’re not trying, then what is another way to relate to our lives to get stuff done? How do we take action in accordance with our higher selves and vision?

One way would be to just STOP all of those expectations in your head. To quiet your mind and BE LED in the direction that you are feeling yourself pulled. To allow that action to take place, the one that is being called to completion. To simply enter the flow of your path, that open-hearted existence that’s right in front of you.

Transitioning from the Mind to the Heart

As you may know, I recently traveled to Peru to study and do ceremony with the shamans there. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to communicate some of the beautiful lessons that I’ve learned.

But not anymore. For this moment anyway, I’m stepping into the flow. I’m allowing myself to be led.

You may have noticed that my work lately has taken a more spiritual slant. I’m sharing some things that have opened my heart. Take from it what you will. My experiences lately have been nothing short of magical and life-altering. It can sometimes seem like a daunting task to begin to communicate the beautiful internal shifts that have recently taken place. This newsletter and blog is my attempt to communicate my process and journey so that it may help illuminate your own path.

I’m on a journey to manifest myself as broadly as possible. For the last 7 years, I’ve been a life coach, image consultant and speaker. I’ve personally coached hundreds of people to greater success in their lives and I’ve touched thousands through my seminars across the country. However, most of the work that I’ve been doing has been at the level of the mind. The tools that I use are language. I’m pretty good at getting people to shift their perspective, to come up with a better strategy, and then point out the things that they may not be seeing so that they can live a more successful life. Most of these shifts occur in the mind.

However, lately my work has been transitioning from the level of the mind to the level of the heart. It’s been about integrating energetic healing work into my coaching practice.

Sometimes the things that hold us back have nothing to do with how we think about them. They have nothing to do with the mind. Now, this seems like a pretty radical thing to say for someone who was transformed at an early age with books like Think and Grow Rich and others that reinforced the secret that We Become What We Think About. Now, I still believe that statement to be true. However, there’s something that’s been missing from the equation. It’s the connection to the heart.

My journey recently has been about transitioning from a positive mental attitude to a sacred, heart-based life. I somehow feel that I’m meant to share my journey, the experiences and gifts, so that it can help others with the transitions in their own lives.

That’s what this Majestic Path is all about.

I believe that we are defined by the questions that we ask ourselves. Lately, I’ve been asking myself these:

Questions I’m Asking Myself

How can I have more compassion for myself and others? (like when I’m mad at myself for not living up to my self-imposed standards or when I hear someone saying something that’s not in accordance with my own beliefs)

How can I manifest myself as broadly as possible? (to really touch as many people with the art that is inside me)

How can I practice radical honesty in every aspect of my life and simply communicate the truth that I find there? (with my relationship partner, my friends, my family, and in my business)

How can I embody the virtues that I most admire, which are joy, courage, and love? (Not in a grandiose way, but in the simple moments of a seemingly mundane existence, like while driving in traffic.)

How can I continually “get out of my head” and open up to the beautiful, open hearted existence that I know I’m meant to live? (even when there are financial pressures and challenges with my friends, family, or relationship)

This is my majestic path.

What’s yours?