In the last 5 days, I’ve shed 13 years of living in New York City.  On both a physical level and energetic level, I’ve cleared out everything in my NY apartment.


I was actually dreading this recent trip to New York.  For the first couple of days, I had a very strong resistance to donating or selling anything.  I just wasn’t ready yet to post anything on Craigslist or contact the donation company.  I didn’t understand why.


On the morning of the 3rd day, it hit me.


“There’s no turning back.”


That’s the thought that came in like a lightning bolt.  Even though I’ve been living in California for the last 3 years, been married for the last two, and had a baby 6 months ago, I still had this perfect bachelor pad in NY to go back to at any time.


I wasn’t conscious of it. I never actually thought, “In case this whole wife and daughter thing doesn’t work out, I can always go back.”   That never crossed my mind.  Yet, energetically that path was available to me.


Not any more.


That “back door” is closed.  I realized that my trip to NY was about doing away with any other options except choosing powerfully the one path that I am already on.


It’s a cliché, but life is about choices.  Certain choices take us down certain paths.  And there are many paths available to us.  It’s simple enough, but we can’t walk down two paths at the same time.  Yet, how often do we try to? How often are we splitting our energies, instead of truly focusing on one area?  How often are we living in two or three different worlds instead of One World?


How many times, as move forward through the transitions of our lives, do we want another option, just in case this one doesn’t work out?


We don’t know what twists and turns are in the road.  We can’t see the future.  So we hold on to the past.


Because it’s known.

Because it’s familiar.

Because it’s safe.


Yet, we know that we can’t powerfully move forward when we’re still holding on to the past.


Now, that makes sense intellectually, but how often do we really live that way?


“I just want to get back to the way things were.”


We’ve heard that statement…we’ve probably said it as it pertains to a relationship, a business, or creative endeavor.


“Can’t it just be the way it used to be?”




It can’t.


There’s no going back.


There’s only the way forward.  There’s only “this time”.


I encourage you to release those things from the past that don’t serve you any longer and move towards your highest path.


Choose powerfully.


Why would you choose any other way?