How are you doing in releasing the struggle to be in an easy flow of actions that will have you manifest your heart’s desires?

Here’s a recent lesson from a rattlesnake I encountered about releasing conflict and struggle to be on our highest path.

The Rattlesnake

Growing up, I was always petrified of snakes. In the last couple of years on my shamanic path, I’ve become a little more comfortable with them, understanding and honoring them as the special beings that they are. I mean, they are the only animals that go belly to belly with Mother Earth. They have the privilege of constantly pressing their hearts right up against hers. That’s pretty cool in my book. However, it still hasn’t made me want to hang out with them too much.

While recently in Mt. Shasta, CA, I was hiking with my beloved, Eden and a couple of new friends, Sarah and Jacob, who were guiding us to see the Sacred spots of the area. As we walked, Jacob and I were showing each other the rattles that we each use in ceremony. We were shaking the rattles, honoring and admiring them, but not thinking too much about it.

Two minutes later, Sarah and Eden saw a giant rattle snake, all coiled up right in the middle of the path that we were hiking along. They tuned in to the energy of the snake and said that we had better go around it. The snake didn’t seem to be in the mood to move. So the three of them walked off the trail around his position to avoid him.

However, something in me made me stop. About six feet away on the trail, the snake just stared at me. I stared back. We did this for what seemed like a long time, but it must have been a couple of minutes. As we were staring at each other, I consciously released all conflict from my being. I had the simple intention of showing the snake my pink-white heart. I closed my eyes and blended my energy with the snake. In my own mind, I became Snake. I didn’t really shapeshift because I knew I was in my own body, but I envisioned my eyes as those of a snake. I could sense my long, slender body and tail as a rattle. I became one with Snake. Just then something opened my eyes. As I did, I saw the snake slowly slithering to the side of the path, revealing his length of about five feet(I’m not exaggerating). He moved to the side of the trail and just looked in the opposite direction. I took this as an extraordinary sign that he was giving me permission to pass through the trail. As I moved past the rattlesnake, I said, “Thank you, Brother”.

I just became one with the snake. And he moved out of the path to let me by.

Maybe that’s all we have to do – become one with the things around us and then the natural order will allow us to have our way. There was certainly no trying or combative energy in dealing with the snake. There was no forcing anything or even asking him to move. It was simply a matter of blending energies with him, of being one with him, and just waiting to see what would happen next.

How can you become one with the challenges that you’re currently facing?

This goes way beyond just seeing from the other person’s point of view or seeking to have a greater understanding. How can you literally blend your energies with the people or circumstance around you to transcend the situation?

To manifest your heart’s desire, how can you empty yourself so that you’re then filled with Universal energy and love?

Then all you have to do is step forward. When you’re filled with Universal energy, things naturally go the way they are supposed to.

Empty yourself.

Become one with your current challenge.

Step forward.

May your path be illuminated in front of you.