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“I’ve had some of the best revelations and experiences of my life working with John. I was shocked to realize and uncover the essence of who I am at the core of my existence. John’s process helped me to dig deep and bring forth truths and treasures, which in turn enabled me to feel confident while staying true to who I am as a person and artist. A highlight of his coaching has been his energy clearing work. I was going through some personal turmoil and very painful emotions that brought my career to a dead stop. As soon as I shared this issue with John, he suggested the energy clearing exercise- it was a very moving and powerful experience that helped empower me to ward off negative vibes and open myself up to much more positive energy that continues to fuel my drive and desire to press forward.

“As someone with cerebral palsy, I considered myself to have somewhat limited “rockstar” potential. But through working with John, I’ve learned that we are all born with gifts deep within us, and the sooner we discover what those gifts are and bring them to the forefront, the sooner we can have a fulfilled life and become genuinely empowered.”

Shane Michael Taylor,
Inspirational Country Songwriter, Artist, & Author

“John has a way of making you very comfortable that you feel like you can disclose your deepest fears to him and he will listen and help you through. The energy clearing session was a new experience for both of us, and we recalled having feelings of intense vibrations through our whole body during the time where John “journeys with your soul”. It was strange but extremely calming. He helped us discover our spirit guides that we each have by our sides all the time, waiting to help us with any problem in life. After the session we both commented on how much lighter we felt, like a weight had been lifted from us. It was definitely a feeling of clearness and of being cleansed.

Since then, our recordings in the studio have run smoothly and effortlessly. This is due in part to the wonderful sessions we had with John. His positive and healing energies translated through the computer screen, across the thousands of miles, and helped us step confidently into our new project, which has definitely turned out to be a success. Thank you John!”

Fiona and Naomi O’Neill
The O’Neill Sisters, Kerry, Ireland


“My experience with John was amazing. His energy is so brilliant to experience in and of itself. He is so balanced -very earthy and grounded, yet connected to such a high place. I felt safe and well looked after. He cleared the blocks I had in my chakras, and did a soul retrieval for me. Not only was it very relaxing, but afterward I felt such a sense of peace, joy, and excitement for life again! I am amazed at how powerful the soul retrieval was. As an energy healer myself, I have received many energy healings from other practitioners. I have never before experienced a session with a shaman, and it was such a joy. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience John’s work and all that he brings to a session!”

Natalie Koltz
Los Angeles, CA


“When John and I started working together, I had a sense that his insights and approach would help define my sense of direction. I was immediately comfortable with John and confident that this would be a valuable investment.

As we’ve continued working together, it’s become clear that working with John goes far beyond being “a good idea”. What I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, falls nothing short of a life-changing metamorphosis.

I can say with a-thousand-percent certainty, making the investment in John and yourself is something you have to do if you’re serious about achieving a high level of success.”

George Pavlyak
Cincinnati, OH


“John has shown me the best qualities in myself and how to live them and express them fully and genuinely. He has helped me to create and nurture a confidence in myself in a way I never knew I could. Since meeting him, I have found a momentum in pursuing dreams and goals once seemingly so far out of reach. Rather than “finding myself” I know how to make myself into the person that can do those things. John has been an involved and interested guide for my ever-evolving path in life, not only showing me how closer my destinations are but also how much fun the journey can be.”

Hugh Tipping
New York, NY

“John has helped me to transform into the confident person that I’ve always wanted to be. Through his coaching, I have found my path. For the first time in my life, I can be my genuine self with confidence. I owe that to the honesty and support that John brought to our relationship.

Chris Barry
Participant, MTV’s MADE


“John’s presentation was a Home Run! He sheds new light on how to have people make their strongest first impression and create the right mentality so that they attract better quality prospects. For those that are willing to take his suggestions, this will certainly increase their productivity.”

Paul Dodd, Managing Partner
The Greater New York Group, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network


“John’s approach gets right through to the creative types that I employ. He speaks straight from the heart, which enables him to touch people at the deepest levels. He’s motivated my employees to always strive to be at their best.”

Rodney Cutler
Owner, Cutler Salon
New York, NY


“Do you believe in synchronicity? It was a chance meeting but clearly meant to be… John is a very special human being. John has a magical gift for facilitating self discovery, in addition to coaching us on all the tricks and techniques for becoming true Rock Stars. We are very excited about continuing to collaborate with him to crystalize our image and style. We enjoy every minute of our work with John, and thank our lucky stars that we found him.”

Kelly & Kamille, a.k.a. KARMINA
CBS Recording Artist
Los Angeles, CA


“Because of my work with Coach John, I’ve been able to attract Grammy award winning songwriters, multi-platinum selling producers and thousands of new fans to my project. I absolutely couldn’t have done any of that without him. Coach John rocks!”

Charlie Superfly
Pop Artist, Ms. Black Howard Stern
Los Angeles, CA


“BMI is fortunate to have had John Battaglia present his seminar twice now in the last year. Being such a dynamic and inspiring speaker, his philosophies are right on. He provides artists, managers, producers, and other image-makers the tools required to shape not only a physical image, but also the mental aspects that keep artists in top form. His positive and entertaining messages kept everyone on the edge of their seat.”

Samantha Cox
BMI, Sr. V.P. Writer Relations
New York, NY


“John’s workshop was one of the greatest experiences in my life. He has helped me to reach my goals and become a star in everything I do. I have benefited greatly from all of his tips, advice, and support. John has helped with my mindset, my presence onstage, in the studio, and in front of the cameras. If you are focused and want to win the game that you are playing, John is the first person you want to reach out to.”

New York, NY


“When I met John my life was in a chaotic state of artistic expression. I thought I knew what I wanted to achieve in a broad sense but lacked serious focus. I had no clear perception of what I stood for as an artist, thus, had no clue on how to really accomplish my objectives. Basically, I was a poster boy for ADD exhibiting a shotgun approach to my endeavors but in reality was stagnant in my growth because I lacked direction.

John immediately put me on a path of awareness of myself as a person, as well as an artist. Our interaction consisted of a perpetual series of personal exercises accompanied by thought full discussions allowing me to see, for the first time, what my true ambitions were. He helped me see what I wanted to be, finally freeing me of my worst enemy…myself. Accomplishing this allowed us to develop a roadmap for what we now understood to be my desired goals, thus enabling me to enjoy the journey of my dreams. Thankfully, John’s coaching put me on track to attack my life ambitions with absolute clarity.”

Adam Moskowitz
Entrepreneur, Actor, Spoken Word Artist
New York, NY


“John is fantastic to work with. He is an insightful, compassionate person who is part image consultant, part marketing & publicity strategist and part empathic life coach all wrapped up into one. When you decide to work with him, be prepared to go on the most amazing journey toward your dreams. One aspect of this journey is discovering how to allow the “real you” to shine through all of your fears and baggage. The other aspect is sharpening and expanding that image of the “real you” so the rest of the world can see and enjoy your precious, unique gifts. Not only will you receive the vital emotional support needed for such an endeavor but John will also offer concrete, practical steps all along the way, making the whole process much less daunting and much more attainable. It’s difficult to imagine a better ally than John.”

Lou Montelione
Warren, NJ


“Thank you for your well-organized and articulate presentation for the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The feedback that I have received has been exclusively positive and enthusiastic. What made your appearance so special is that you not only provided an enlightened perspective on the imaging and marketing aspects of the music business, but you did so with intelligence, humor, and candor. Thank you for giving so much of yourself. It was genuinely appreciated by me and everyone fortunate to have been in the room.”

Bob Leone
Projects Director, National Academy of Popular Music
New York, NY


“Since the first day I met with John, I knew he could help me become the person I want to be. John’s ability to find a solution for all of the challenges I face everyday, and with such ease, makes me more and more confident that I can make a difference in this industry. These challenges turn into wins for me through John’s coaching. He is an amazing person with such a positive glow. I am confident that with his coaching, all of my dreams can become reality. I think everyone, in every industry, needs a John.”

New York, NY


“John is like a giant vitamin for your career. John strengthens, protects, and most of all, gives a huge energy boost in your quest to find the “rockstar” in you. His years of experience working with some of the world’s most successful artists translates into solid guidance for his clients. Working with John has shown me that there is no mystery to being successful. There are steps to take. While the specifics may be different for everyone, the same basic rules apply. John was able to take those steps, outline them for me, and then hone them specifically for my career. Above all, John cares about his client’s needs, ambitions, and dreams. I can honestly say that my career is, in fact, a career largely because of John.”

Craig Wilson
New York, NY


“John’s seminar was fantastic. Not only was his presentation upbeat and hip, but he tackles the serious issues that help salespeople operate at their highest levels. His message was especially poignant for the demographic of my sales staff, who are mostly in their 20’s and 30’s. He had my people fired up for weeks.”

John Lumpkin
Publisher, Stuff Magazine
New York, NY


“John has a fresh, bright, yet realistic view of what it takes to make it. His philosophies are spot on. I’d recommend them to anyone seeking to raise their stature in the industry.”

Aric Webb
SVP, Strategic Marketing, Virgin Records
New York, NY


“John gives coaching on how to be as “you” as possible. He really helps in presenting the complete package–which is you and all the talents you could possibly have to offer. Their are steps to climbing the ladder of success as an artist, and these steps start with knowing yourself, what you are capable of, and how you are going to prove to people that you are worthy of their attention. These are things that I learned from John. His guidance and knowledge helped me to cultivate myself in the right ways and apply myself at the right pace. John is the man!”

Jason Della Valle
Lead Singer of Della Valle, Actor, Entrepreneur
New York, NY


“John is the most amazing personal coach around. He’s also a killer personal trainer, nutrition consultant, marketing and PR expert, hair & make up advisor, career counselor, and health, wellness and spiritual resource! All this while ensuring that the individual personality and one of a kind character of his client is expressed everywhere they go and in everything they do. Since working with John, everyone I meet immediately recognizes the captivating and exciting singer I truly am! Thanks so much John!”

Linda Priebe
Washington, DC


“I have benefited tremendously from my relationship with John. He helped me establish who I am with such a degree of certainty that I never have to wonder if I am doing the right thing. This is exactly what helps me overcome the doubt of others whenever it comes up. I trust John to always provide an objective view, even when it’s not what I was hoping to hear at the time – which is of course when such a view has the most value. Overall, the challenge of pursuing life itself has been made more enjoyable and productive thanks to John.”

Andrew Buntain
First Bass Music
Toronto, CA


“If you’re serious about your career, you can’t afford to be without John Battaglia’s expertise and advice. He gives you what is sorely lacking in this industry…integrity. I wouldn’t make an important career move without first consulting John.”

Johnny Kira
New York, NY


“John is like my sun, showing me which way to grow. He built a strong relationship with me in order to know how to provide the best coaching for my situation. He knows what he is talking about. He is very specific, thorough, and has an impressive background. He is down to earth but very open. In other words, I completely trust him with guidance for my career.”

Josephine Ancelle
New York, NY


“When it comes to investing into your career, connecting with John is one of the best decisions you can ever make. For a long time, I knew that I was born to sing but wasn’t able to verbalize my personal vision and mandate. Through my sessions with John, my performances have improved greatly. I have greater confidence on stage and a greater understanding of who I am and the message I am trying to convey to my audiences. Thank you so much John for your valuable instruction and continual support. I’m so glad to know that an expert is helping me on this journey.”

Nashville, TN


“Working with John ignited a major shift. It came from a very organic approach to me as a person and examined the key parts of me that make me individual. All the elements were there before but John helped me magnify those big qualities within my personality. It was a focus on pure emotion and we really nailed how to better unlock that. John’s been a great consultant for us ever since.”

New York, NY


“John has been an incredible person to work with. I am by far the hardest person to teach style to, but John took a great approach and was very patient with me. It was awesome because he didn’t just tell me what to wear and he didn’t make me into something I’m not. He made me think about who I am as a person. The outside image that we created was just a reflection of that. He’s a great personality, a great listener, and an overall amazing person to work with.”

Veronica Willenbring
Los Angeles, CA


“John’s workshop was amazing. I now have a clear direction as to how to get and keep that edge that’s needed in this business. John is a great coach. He helps you to know yourself and to be yourself more fully. He knows the business and the process. You will definitely develop with his guidance.”

Amy Lennard
New York, NY


“Working with John has made me focus. I am now much more clear about how to proceed with my career, my image, and what I want to project to the world. He asked me questions (some scary) that made me really think about what I was doing and how it would affect my life, as well as realize more fully what I wanted. He has definitely assisted me in achieving my goals. It’s a great comfort to have someone like him in your corner. I’ve always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sorta girl, and while I still have my pants flying I’m more focused and in control of them! Luv you, John!”

Janine Wilson
Washington, DC


“I cannot tell you how many doors have opened to me since meeting John. He has taught me that in order to be successful, you have to start from within, put the intention out there, and then open yourself up to all the possibilities that await you. You have the dream. John helps you define your roadmap to make it reality.”

Risa Binder
New York, NY


“John has been a God-Send! When I first sent my artist, Thalisha, to work with John, she was in a cocoon. In a short period of time, John helped her to blossom into a butterfly. John has a willingness to go above and beyond his duties as a life coach.”

Jamel Washington
Triple O Management
New York, NY


“John is one of the most goodhearted and kind people I know. John always has the most genuine intentions for his clients and truly cares. He is very insightful and has a way of bringing clarity to any situation by his direct approach of honesty and candor.”

Christine Lucas
NYC and Miami


“John’s presentation was fantastic! I felt really motivated after the talk. It made me rethink and challenge old myths, fears, and stereotypes I always had about myself. I felt really changed after I heard John speak. Who knows, maybe this talk changed my life. I feel lucky to have attended this seminar and secretly feel I have an edge over others who didn’t attend.”

New York, NY


”I found it to be the best BMI seminar I’ve been to so far, and I’ve been to quite a few. It was very informative, inspiring and enlightening. You’ve mastered this, John. I truly believe that you love what you do and do what you love, which is what this crazy world is all about when you really think about it.”

Patrick Harris
New York, NY


“Hi John! You’re the man! Pete and I got so much out of your seminar…we were buzzing for a few days. You are a truly inspiring person.”

Hendrik and Pete
New York, NY


“I felt inspired when I left your seminar and now I’m excited to dig deeper. I left with a clearer plan, ideas and sense of what I need to do. The parts of the talk that worked well was the group involvement, the real life stories you shared, and the example of the attendee you brought up which helped to piece it all together.”

Dana Varon
New York, NY


“The seminar you gave was awesome and inspiring. It has helped me realize a lot of things about myself. I believe that there are a lot of things that I can improve upon and need to work on. I feel like I am finding myself for the first time. Thanks so much John!”

Maura Zubieta
New York, NY