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The 6-Month Heart Based Business Coaching Program

“The most complete business building program for coaches, healers, & holistic practitioners”
John Germain Leto, Soul, Life & Image Coach, Create a Thriving Client Practice Workshops and Seminars




Coming Soon in 2016!

Create a full time business doing what you love.
Make a difference in people’s lives by creating a thriving heart-based business.

Do you want to…

Checkmark Create a business that fulfills your soul’s journey but don’t know where to start?
Checkmark Have fun building a conscious business working with clients you love?
Checkmark Grow your part time dream business into a full time one?
Checkmark Get some help with the “business side” of your business?

What would you say to a coaching program that offers…

Checkmark To help you connect your heart and your mind in order to build your unique authentic brand based on your truth
Checkmark A soulful approach with proven business, marketing and branding strategies to help you manifest a successful business
Checkmark To clear the energetic barriers that are preventing you from making what you want happen
Checkmark To help you manage the emotional rollercoaster that comes with starting a business

The Heart Based Business Coaching Program does just that!

Our program is about creating a successful business by helping people to fulfill their soul’s journey through their life’s work.

What do we mean by fulfilling the soul’s journey?

That we are primarily interested in working with those individuals who feel a deep calling to do the work of their soul by being of greatest service to others. That means moving beyond a business that simply fulfills a need.

It’s a business that fulfills the reason why you are really here. When you are aligned with your deepest purpose then you are following through with the calling of your heart. It is one thing to know your calling. It is another thing to act on it.

It is about a balance of the correct mental processes with a deep connection to the heart that will allow for our truest and highest path to unfold.

This is what we mean by heart based business.



2 day Laguna Beach, CA,
Weekend Retreat
May 2nd & 3rd!

The 6-Month Heart Based Business Coaching Program includes:

  • 2-day Laguna Beach, CA, Weekend Retreat – January 2016
  • 6 private 1-on-1 energy sessions with John Germain Leto
  • 6 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Melissa Dawn
  • 18 LIVE classes which include branding, online marketing, content and energetic support
  • 24 group masterminds
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, collaborate, get feedback, share resources, network and more


6 private energy sessions with John Germain Leto


6 private coaching sessions with Melissa Dawn 

Training received will include these areas and more:

  • Determine the focus of your business and buyer personas to continually attract your ideal clients
  • Create a personal brand that’s rooted in your truth
  • Make your strongest impression in all of the ways that you come across (photos, website, online presence, bio, and business card)
  • Increase your prosperity consciousness
  • Break through any energetic barriers you may have to being fully visible
  • Learn how to speak powerfully about what you do
  • Make the most of social media in a way that works for you
  • Learn how to tell your personal story in the most compelling way
  • Create a complete online presence and website that produces results
  • Set an appropriate pricing structure
  • Learn the easiest and most effective way to handle the first phone call with a prospective client
  • How to launch and share your brand
  • Understand how to build complete certainty and confidence
  • Grow your business through alliances and relationships
  • How to conduct powerful webinars
  • How to sell through ‘speaking’
  • How to build your online database
  • Activate the highest destiny of your business
  • Develop a measurable game plan to move forward with ease
  • And much more!

What makes us different from other business coaching programs?

What makes us different from other business coaching programs is that in addition to guiding you in creating your brand and giving you the business and marketing tools you need, we take a complete holistic approach.

We also provide life coaching to help you address whatever else may be coming up in your life, AND we help you remove whatever blockages you have at an energetic level.

We spent the first few years of our careers in being of service to others by primarily working at the level of the mind as life and business coaches. We feel fortunate to have achieved some great success with that work. A lot of people view that is the whole story. Yet, to us, it’s only scratching the surface.

You don’t have to be a shaman to understand that there is a world energy all around us. It’s often the energy behind a project that determines its success. For an entrepreneur seeking to build a successful business, it’s not only what you see on the surface level of the brand or the language and content that is used, but the resonance that the project carries.

You know how some people just seem to have good energy? What if there were a way for YOU to always convey good energy so that you were able to attract the opportunities and clients that you desire? Well there is! We’ve been trained on how to clear away the energy of the past so that you project only the very best of you. When you resonate a clear, compelling frequency, you go beyond mere mental manifestation to have your highest path unfold in a way that requires the least amount of personal effort. By addressing the energetic dynamic in this way, we fill a major void that is not usually addressed in other business coaching programs. To experience an example of what we’re referring to, click here to receive a special guided meditation that will shift your personal energy.



“Since I got back from the “Create a Thriving Practice” course my practice has really taken off! I immediately had 9 new clients, and have since added 4 more. I have had requests for 2 training sessions and the Noetic Science group in my area has asked me to come speak to them. I am excited about all of this, and sooo grateful!”

Patricia Cockrell, Santa Fe, NM


“John was compassionate, thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. He packed a huge amount of meaningful, helpful material and tools into the workshop and wove all the concepts together into a strategic package for us to move forward in our work. I found it personally energizing, stimulating and empowering, keeping us grounded yet inspiring us to dream big. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’ve accepted invitation to be on a TV show just today because now I feel more certainty about what I offer and embody. I’ve also cemented an alliance with new marketing banner for an upcoming event – it just got delivered yesterday and I love it!”  - Patricia Shannon, Atlanta, GA

“Our work is not always easily explained or promoted. John’s workshop helped me to return to my practice renewed and inspired. The solid tools they provided, as well as their ongoing support and feedback, have been instrumental in re-visioning, re-grounding, and reaffirming my client work and how I present it. The week after I returned from their class, my appointment schedule filled up two weeks out and has stayed that way. I just have to remember to keep saying ‘yes!’”
 Jeff Farwell, Salt Lake City, Utah

“When I met Melissa, I was in the process of trying different jobs, but nothing really captivated me. She helped guide and motivate me to follow my passions. Within a short period of time of working with Melissa, I started seeing my path with much more clarity. I started taking courses that I really loved: massotherapy, reichi, refloxology, esthetics…now I had all these courses, but was afraid to start my own business, it was such a risk for me not to have a stable income…Melissa not only supported me through it and ensured that I was staying on course, but also helped me build my clientele! I now have enough clients where I am making more money than I was working full time at my previous job and absolutely loving what I do. It’s contagious, because I am passing this enthusiasm on to my clients as well!!! I am so grateful to have Melissa as a coach in my life; she has helped me tremendously in both my professional and personal development. She’s a keeper!” 
- Jacqueline Guerrero, Montreal, Quebec


“Melissa is a fountain of information regarding Marketing and Social Media. She has generously helped me a great deal. Her depth of knowledge and ability to see the best strategy for you is razor sharp. I am so delighted to have come into her sphere. She is a bright light in every way.” - Paula Shaw, San Diego, California


How does it work?

Most programs offer a lot of theory but don’t actually help you integrate what is learned. We actually give you a separate class to help you integrate each lesson that you learned.

You also get two private coaching sessions per month that will address your most pressing concerns. Whether it’s how to apply the lessons from the courses, life coaching, brand consulting, or addressing your energetic dynamic.

Here is a weekly breakdown of what our program offers:

Icon_Week1 Icon_Week2 Icon_Week3
Energetic component Integration of energetic component.
Click here to receive an energetic experience!
Download it! (20mb).
Content and language component
Icon_Week4 Icon_Week5 Icon_Week6
Integration of content and language component.
Check it out here.
Branding component Integration of branding component.
Want to get a taste of it?
Experience it here.
Icon_Week7 Icon_Week8
Online Marketing Integration of Online Marketing.
Check it out here.
This is an example of one 8 week cycle.
There will be two more eight week cycles based on the attendees needs.



Bonus:  Access to recorded classes for both business and energetic needs. These are recorded business tips, guided meditations and clearing exercises that will support you.

Know Your Truth Webinar, Part I


Speak Your Truth Webinar, Part II



$6,000* U.S. if paid monthly  ($1,000 per month)

$5,000* U.S if paid in full upfront

* This does NOT include travel and accommodations for the weekend retreat.




A final message from John and Melissa:

When you participate in the 6-month Heart Based Business Coaching program, you’ll no longer feel isolated, but rather fully supported on your journey of making a difference for others. We’ll be there for you as a business partner and guide to be a constant sounding board, to pick you up when you’re feeling blue, help you overcome your resistance, provide all of the marketing and business acumen, and also help you manage the emotional rollercoaster that it is when you commit your life to a heart based business.

The next six months will be one of the most intense experiences of your life. If you are ready to develop a completely unique business that is based on your authentic self while making the biggest difference in the lives of others, we look forward to being a part of this exciting journey with you!

John & Melissa

About John Germain Leto

John Germain Leto is a shamanic energy medicine practitioner and business coach who helps people succeed into stepping onto their highest path. For the last 12 years, John has coached hundreds of people to greater success and spoken to thousands through his seminars across the country.

After a successful career in New York as an agent for such artists as Beyoncé and Usher, John ached to make a bigger difference with his life. Not being satisfied with just “making money for famous people”, and wanting to be of a greater service to others, he left that career behind to embark on his own highest soul path. This led him to the heights of the Andes mountains and the depths of the jungle, receiving direct initiations with indigenous shaman in the Amazon and with master shamans of the Q’ero in the sacred mountains of Peru. He also completed an intense two-year study with The Four Winds Society and now incorporates deep, soul-healing work into his coaching practice. After initially struggling, he soon learned what it takes to build a six-figure practice of his own. John was gifted the Quechan name “Otocramachi” by a respected indigenous medicine man, which means “he who can speak with all things”. Using a blend of shamanic energy medicine, life & business coaching, and brand consulting, John helps people fulfill their soul’s journey through their life’s work. He is the author of the book, The Rock Star in You and has been featured in USA Today and the New York Daily News as well as on ABC News, MTV, and Entertainment Tonight.

About Melissa Dawn

Melissa Dawn is Coach & Founder of CEO of Your Life ( As a life, business & career coach, Melissa helps people create a life and career they feel truly connected to, AND which is aligned with their values and life purpose. She has had a successful career in the business world working her way up from a Promotional Assistant at a Fortune 500 company to a VP Marketing in a high technology company, receiving numerous awards of high achievement in marketing and sales.

Not being satisfied with just “creating successful products, marketing campaigns and surpassing sales objectives,” she wanted to be of a greater service to others, to help people realize that they are the CEO of their life and showing them how they can design their future any way they choose to create it. Still thriving in the business world, she is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a trained energy practitioner.

Her coaching program “CEO of Your Life” attracts professionals from around the world. She has also been featured in The Happy Entrepreneur.


Register Now!

Only $5000 for the 6 Month Program or 

(pay $1,000 per month for 6 months)



You have a light inside you.
Your mission is important in this lifetime.
It is vital that you fulfill your mission.
You have a gift and it is crucial that you honor your gift.
Serve yourself by manifesting yourself in the broadest way possible.
You are meant to touch others, so you must touch them.
It means honoring your path.
See the majesty in you.
Work with others so that their majesty comes out.