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“Remember why you were born
and what you came here to do in this lifetime.”


What is a Destiny Retrieval?

It is a shamanic journeying exercise designed to have you remember why you incarnated as the person you are in this lifetime.

It’s not about finding or discovering, but rather remembering why you were born. The shamans believe that, for each of us, there is a sacred “soul contract” that we agreed to before we were born that is the reason for our incarnation into this life.  However, most of us have gotten so caught up with “life” that we’ve forgotten why we’re really here in the first place.

This is an intense, guided meditation exercise to have you remember what your true calling is: whether it’s a spiritual calling, a creative calling, or a calling to be of service. In fact, if you haven’t found a calling in one of these areas, what are you doing with your life?

As an advanced shamanic journeying exercise, it is a prerequisite that you complete at least two energy clearing sessions prior to a Destiny Retrieval, as what is activated and retrieved often has a significant impact in your life. It is important you are at a point to embrace this remembering – emotionally, mentally, and energetically. 

It is up to both you and John to determine whether the timing is appropriate to complete the destiny retrieval process.