A Message from John:

2013 marks a milestone for me. With the start of this year, it marks 10 years of being in business for myself, making my living solely from being of service to others. I feel very fortunate to have been able to do what a lot of healers and coaches find difficult to do – build a successful business. With the exception of a 4-day per week consulting arrangement that I had for 6 months in the second year of my business, I’ve been able to support myself and make a good living solely from my coaching, healing, and speaking income.

But it didn’t happen by accident.

There’s a book that I saw years ago entitled “Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow”.

To me, that’s not always true. For the first year of my business, I was doing what I loved, but the money didn’t follow.  At least not enough of it. Over the last 10 years, I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to be a successful solo-practitioner. If I were to write that book now from my own experience, I would title it:

Do What You Love,
Find a strategy to attract your ideal clients,
Break through any barriers to being fully visible,
Learn how to speak powerfully about what you do,
Create a personal brand that’s rooted in your truth,
Learn how to write your most effective bio,
Create a compelling online presence,
Learn to have an effective phone conversation with a potential client,
Overcome procrastination and develop a measurable gameplan,
Build complete certainty as a practitioner,
And then…

The money will follow.

I heard a while back that money follows certainty, but runs away from doubt. We all have doubts, but we can’t let them run the show. The Create a Thriving Practice Online Webinar is designed to cover all of these elements to have you build the certainty required to have people want to hire you.  The Thriving Practice course is essentially a business-building, manifestation program but with a heart-centered, spiritual approach. It’s designed to have you attract your ideal clients by having you stand in your own certainty and truth.  It’s my honor to help guide you through this process and save you years of struggling.

You deserve to be on your highest path in full abundance!

John Germain Leto