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Archive for August, 2011

Aligning Your Inner and Outer World

What energy are you wearing?

Last week I received a call from the President of an independent record label in Boston. He has a great band with strong songs that’s getting massive radioplay and accolades from MTV and other media outlets. However, he was really concerned, the energy of the band just isn’t living up to the music.

Think about this: What do we mean when we say the word “energy”? Read the rest of this entry »

Be More Lucky!

“I’m a lucky man, with fire in my hands”

- The Verve

I’ve always been a lucky guy. My mom says I have a horseshoe stuck squarely up my @*$$. We’ve all heard clich├ęs regarding luck like it’s “when preparation meets opportunity”. I guess that’s one way of putting it. I tend to think it’s about being in right relationship with yourself, ridding yourself of any energy that’s holding you back, and then being open (and then accepting) to what the universe presents to you.

But what is “right relationship” with yourself?
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