I’m a life coach, image consultant, and Shaman. 

As a Shamanic energy medicine practitioner, I help clear the energy of the past so that people are able to step fully and freely onto their highest path.  This is something that I’ve been studying and exploring on a daily basis for the last two years.  I’ve trained directly with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, author of 14 books and one of the foremost Shaman in the country, spending time with him personally in 2009 in the sacred valley of Peru and also this past year in the Amazon jungle.  I’ve also recently completed a year-long extensive Medicine Wheel training at The Four Winds Society.  It is an assimilation of knowledge from the indigenous medicine men and women from the high Andes of Peru, a lineage untouched by Western civilization.  I’ve been shifting from the level of the mind to the level of the heart by exploring these ways of the sacred and incorporating them into the work I’ve been doing with my clients.    Read the rest of this entry »